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Dr. Lonnie J. Edwards, Sr.


Dr. Edwards has a Bachelor's Degree, two Masters Degrees and a Doctorate Degree in School Administration and Management. He has been a teacher, a college professor, a school administrator, a Superintendent of Schools, and an education consultant.

Lonnie Edwards Author


Dr. Edwards was featured on the Sally Jessy Raphael Show for making a significant difference in the life of a former student who was born with a physical disability. As a result of his impact on this student’s life, Dr. Edwards wrote a book entitled, A Teacher’s Touch: Reaching Beyond Boundaries and established a foundation to provide college scholarships for students with disabilities.

Educational Training and Professional Development


Dr. Edwards enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge to assist other professionals in setting and achieving their goals.

Lonnie Edwards Motivational Speaker

Public Speaker

With a wide variety of experiences in the field of Education, Dr. Edwards has become a highly sought-after motivational speaker and an effective workshop presenter.

Lonnie Edwards is involved in giving back to the community.

Community Advocate

Dr. Edwards has always been dedicated to community service. He has received countless awards for his service.

Lonnie Edwards has always made health and wellness a part of his life


Basketball has always been a passion for Dr. Edwards. At one point, he was on a path to become a professional basketball player. Circumstances changed his career path, but he remains committed to health and wellness and even participated in the Senior Olympics. His men’s basketball team represented Georgia and won the Gold Medal in their category.

Former student reunited with Dr. Edwards 

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