Educational Consulting Services

Moving forward and preparing students and staff for the future can be challenging, especially while trying to incorporate virtual learning. Experienced individuals who have been there can help you assess your needs, then develop solutions that will bring about the change you desire. Edwards & Associates is a group of seasoned professionals with expertise in various areas of education, enabling us to provide our clients with the tools and direction they need to be successful in these changing times. 

Services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Virtual Student Assessments and Diversified Instruction Strategies
  • Social Emotional Learning and Character Development Strategies
    • Tools for Life® Curricula for Educators
    • HomeStart Program for Parents/Families
  • Teacher Preparation and Teacher Retention Strategies
  • Parental/Family Engagement and Instructional Tools
  • Customized Training to Address Critical Needs
  • Coaching and Mentoring for Administrators, Teachers, and Students
  • Safety Procedures, Equipment, and Supplies
  • Guidelines for Developing an Effective Human Relations Program
    • Customized to each school or organization to prevent or to address challenging race relations and racially based decisions
  • Executive Coaching for School Superintendents and Leadership Teams
    • District-wide Budget & Financial Management
    • Federal, State, and Local Funds Management
    • School Redesign & Turnaround Strategies
    • School, Environmental & Resource Management
    • Capital Improvement & Program Management
  • Executive Leadership and Professional Development
  • Curriculum & Instruction Strategies
    • Placement Strategies
    • Modifications
    • STEM/STEAM Focus
  • Health, Wellness, and Fitness Strategies Designed for Today’s Environment
  • School District Partnerships with Early Learning Centers
  • Early Childcare Education Staff Training
  • Diversity and Inclusion Assessment and Management
  • Partnership Development
    • The Ultimate Partnership Model
  • Future Teacher Recruitment & Development
  • Human Resources Management
    • Employee Recruitment, Assessment, Management, and Retention
    • Human Relations Skills Training
    • Valuing and Managing Diversity
    • Salary and Compensation Assessment
    • Grievances and Complaint Management
    • Professional Imaging and Leadership Development
  • Community/Stakeholder/Media Relations
  • Career Counseling, Coaching & Development/Career Advancement
  • Focus Group and/or Workshop Facilitation
  • Future Teacher Program for High School Students
  • Program Assessment and Evaluation
  • Drop-out Recovery and Re-engagement Strategies
  • College Debt Reduction Programs
  • Motivational/Inspirational Speaking Engagements
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